Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why do I need TEMS Pocket

Why do I need TEMS Pocket?

! As a field tool for all your engineers
– Collect measurements wherever they go
– Automatically upload measurements
– Get a view of your network without leaving the office

! For site verification
– Have immediate on-site verification
– Send information to the office when work is done
– Don’t travel just for reporting

! As your everyday phone
– Always have a measurement probe available
– Always have the ability to capture and share information with your colleagues

What is TEMS Pocket

A regular phone and an advanced test tool in one

– Works as a regular cell phone
– Enables users to find network anomalies without specifically looking for them

- A tool that captures network information wherever you go
- A measurement device that is always ready and available
- A phone that can do work when you are not making calls